Join the BetaCodex movement on your own terms!
A few options:

  • Check in into our virtual communities on LinkedIn (public forum) and on Slack (work platform).
  • Study the extensive, even massive online resources on this website, which include tons of videos, articles, links, as well as the highly content-dense BetaCodex white papers.
  • Become a certified Beta Master: It is the coherent approach to learning about Beta. It is affordable. It is your personal kick-start into the world of the BetaCodex. Afterwards, you can upgrade to certified Beta Change Master.
  • Take part in an offline event. Learn about Beta, and connect to the community during meetups, workshops, conferences, seminars.
  • Add to the network. Our community is young – and much is to be explored within it. Organize meetups/workshops/conferences, publish or co-publish fresh content, help us launching certifications, to name just a few options.
  • Make Beta real within your organization, or in your client work. Apply Beta to your work: within your organization. or with your clients. And share the stories.