Beta: A new beginning

Dear Beta people around the world,

Ten years after its foundation, in early 2008, the Beta community is starting afresh! A few new active members have recently joined, which made it possible to re-launch this website a few weeks ago, after just two weeks of preparation. The website is not “finished”, of course, but forever in “beta”. Today, we introduced a new network logo. We are currently working on Beta certifications (for more on this, join our Slack group – and maybe it is about time to think about new content and fresh content formats, too: Let´s not forget that our content has attracted significant interest, around the world, already. The BetaCodex white papers attracted more than 400.000 views on SlideShare alone.
And much much more is possible, of course.

To get involved, join our forum on LinkedIn and our Slack community! Check out the content on this website. And, if you are new to Beta, take a look at the “About” section.

Let´s make Beta real, and promote the Necessary Organizational Renaissance!