What is it that the demise of the #HolacracyFad should really, really teach us?

The #HolacracyFad is over, or at least it is finally ending. That is a good thing, without doubt: Because holacracy was never harmless.
What remains, at least on my part, is a nagging question: Aren´t there wider implications of this? What does the #HolacracyFad tell us about our community? How do we, as a community, avoid stumbling into the next trap that is just around the corner?

I published a post on this on the BetaCodex Network forum on LinkedIn, here: linkedin.com/groups/8607856/8607856-6379611102183071747

I also published this as a more complete article, both on LinkedIn linkedin.com/pulse/holacracyfad-bigger-questions-craze-should-raising-within-pflaeging/ and on Medium medium.com/@NielsPflaeging/the-holacracyfad-bigger-questions-that-this-craze-should-be-raising-within-our-community-b610a6b816f9

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