Musings: Homage to John Seddon

The work of John Seddon, co-creator of the “Vanguard method” is one of the finest thinkers within the sphere of organizational renaissance.
One might say that he is the legitimate heir to both Edwards Deming and Taiichi Ohno.

Here are a couple of tweets of mine that may serve as a tiny little hommage to John Seddon.

Taiichi Ohno said:
“Never codify method! Don´t write tools!”
But that is exactly what Americans do & have always done:
They did so with #Quality & #Lean, they did it with #Agile.
So most of us end up doing mindless junk work & trainings.
We can do better!
#Managers are taught how to work & function within #functions.
They do not know better!
So if you want to see wide-spread adoption of more effective, functionally integrated organizations, we need to help them learn how to #improve #systems, not functions.
“My mission in life is to help managers get their thinking right about how to define their problems. That´s the biggest issue. Once you get that right, the rest is easy.” says the great John Seddon in this video.
I pretty much subscribe to that.

Watch a few excellent Videos with John Seddon here: