Musings: Tesla

No, Elon Musk, your company should not be “flatter”:
Because “flat” only perpetuates the problem!
If you want to see #Tesla becoming high-performing & agile,
then it must be radically #decentralized – not #flat!


#Toyota probably has the #lowest rate of automatization in the car industry.
Plus the highest depth of value creation.
This may seem counter-intuitive, in today´s “digital times”. But Toyota does so for good reason:
Because machines do not #kaizen – people do!

The dogmatic approach to manufacturing at #Tesla and many other firms in production industries benefits no one. It only satisfies misguided ego.
Ernst Weichselbaum, a native of Austria, and a great pioneer of cybernetics and “lean” in industrial firms, once told me the story of a visit to a highly automatized production site, which was presented to him with great pride. He then asked: “So who is supposed to be benefiting from this?”
Nobody on site was able to give him an answer.