Musings: “Transformation” takes just 18 months!

Many believe that full-fledge “transformation” from Alpha to Beta would take a long, long time. Many believe that people, or organizations would have to be “ready” before transforming. Man believe that this “transformation” will only happen in few organizations – and that most organizations will cease to exist to make way for new Beta organizations.

Personally, I believe in none of that. I believe the assumptions are wrong.
A few years ago, I started talking about what I believe to be true:
That every organization can transform itself, given a few preconditions.
That no organization needs more than 18 months to “transform” itself from #Alpha (left) to #Beta – regardless of industry, size, age or geography.
That transformation takes 18 months – no more, no less.

The challenge is to choose method wisely and accordingly!