New Beta transformation approach & handbook

In May, Silke Hermann and I started working on a new Beta transformation approach and the accompanying handbook.
This work is based upon Daniel Mezicks “OpenSpace Agility” approach – a smart way for fast agile adoption: without coercion – just by invitation.
Because we were able to build on Dan´s concept, it took us just a few months to flesh out this new social technology for transformation of entire organization.

Today we believe it is a breakthrough social technology: Full-fledge organizational transformation to #Beta will very soon be available to literally all kinds of organizations, as this change concept works for organizations of all sizes, ages, cultures, industries.
Better still: Transformation with our approach will take no more than between a few months (!) and 18 months.

This potentially raises a lot of questions. Especially as, until today, most people assume that full-fledged transformation to Beta is “utopian”, or “impossible”, or that “it would take forever”. What will happen once a doable approach to transformation becomes known?
We are looking forward to having these conversations!
If you would like to host a launch or discussion event with Silke & Niels about this new approach, then let us know.