OpenSpace Beta: Nominated for the XING NEW WORK AWARD. Vote now!

“OpenSpace Beta: an open source social technology from Red42” has been shortlisted for the Xing New Work Award in the award category “New Work: Enabler”. That is great news – not just for Red42, but also for our movement and for everyone associated with it.

With this nomination, Beta is moving into the public eye in the German-speaking countries, during the month of September: The award winners are selected by popular voting during this month. Which means: It is you who decides who will win the award. We would like to invite you all to vote for OpenSpace Beta and Red42 in the award´s “Enabler” category. Your support is needed.

But this nomination also means that you have a wonderful opportunity to position yourself and your services around Beta and “Beta Transformation”, in connection with the nomination! Make use of this opportunity to show yourself in connection with Beta. Take a stance for Beta, publicly.
Also: activate your online and offline networks for voting!

You can vote for the Xing New Work Award here: