An update on the ongoing BetaCodex research

By Niels Pflaeging, BetaCodex Network founder

Here is a little update about the collaborative BetaCodex research work we started in January this year.

We are currently standing at two running research projects. Not bad, but I am sure we can do more. Please keep in mind that research projects can be based on topics large or small, that there is no specific time frame, and that projects can lead to publications as compact as a single BetaCodex Network white paper. Also, please be aware that you can approach the research all by yourself, but that you can also partner up with other BetaPeople, and/or with people outside our network.

Do not hesitate to talk about your ideas for BetaCodex research with others within our community. If you want to propose a BetaCodex research project, or join one, please get in touch with one of our two guides to reconciling new projects, Andreas Schlegel and Peter Proell.

Here is a status update on the two research projects that are already under way.

Research Project 1. The OpenSpace Beta Commentary

This project was the first to be defined, and it started in January 2023, with Silke HermannThorsten PorathPeter ProellAndreas Schlegel and myself on board. As of today, over 50 commentary entries are written – in draft stage or “nearly ready”. Not bad for what is a “side project” for everyone involved! Another 30 or so commentary topics are defined already. Even though there is still a lot of work to do, we are confident that this research will lead to a significant and publishable output during this year. Specifically, we are thinking of publishing the research output from this project divided into 2 different parts: One, with a more “meta” perspective, as a BetaCodex white paper in English. This white paper will not contain the individual commentary entries, but it will focus patterns of general interest that emerged during the research. The full commentary with all entries will be published as a book in English and in German, for a start. It is likely that German will come first, as the commentary so far was written in German. This commentary book should appeal not just to practitioners who wish to transform their organizations, or who wish to do OpenSpace Beta client work. It should also be highly useful to other management researchers and academics.

Research Project 2. Sustainability and Beta Leadership

For the time being, Silke Hermann is running this project by herself. Silke started off in February, first producing a short research summary paper. She is now looking for suitable research partners from academia. This project might also proceed as a “solo” research project.

Public information about current research projects can be found here: