BetaCodex Network to run its 1st Global Research Gathering on 30 October

Registration is still open for the October 2023 BetaCodex Global Research Gathering. Registration for the gathering is free of charge, through Luma, at

The gathering’s host, Rijon Erickson, explains: “Regardless if you already have a research idea or concept, or if you are just curious and interested in being part of BetaCodex research- this is for you. Instead of meetups, we are beginning to hold these bi-monthly gatherings to focus on our collaborative research: This is not an “exclusive” thing. It is for everyone who is interested in learning, in achieving & sharing insight.”

BetaCodex founder Niels Pflaeging elaborates: “Now, you may think that “research” sounds awfully ambitious and complicated, or academic even. But that is not what we mean by research. Our idea of research is that of gathering insight, of generating insight consciously, and of sharing insight consistently – thus propelling organizational practice, development of methodology and personal learning forward. Think about it: You cannot not learn. Now what if you assume that you cannot learn without conducting research?” And: “Research may lead to publications, to development of method and products, and much more. Our, bi-monthly Global Research Gathering is supposed to be about all that. About how we do research, about your research ideas, about what keeps you from doing (more) research, about specific projects and publications, and so on. In short: Instead of doing meetups we now want to do the work, together. We will discuss research activities in all stages.”

The gathering is going to happen through Zoom, on 30 Oct at 18hs CET