Watch the “5 Years of OpenSpace Beta” anniversary event

In May 2018, upon meeting with leading agile expert Daniel Mezick in Portland, Maine, Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging had the idea to an entirely new approach to organizational transformation, suited to transform entire organizations to coherent self-organization, decentralization and high performance (or “Beta”) – within just a few months, regardless of the organization’s size or industry.

The name that Silke and Niels picked for the new social technology was OpenSpace Beta, and they started to call the category to which this new kind of approach belonged Very Fast Organizational Transformation, or #VFOT. A BetaCodex Network white paper under that title was published in early 2019. Also in early 2019, just 9 months after they had conceived OpenSpace Beta, Silke and Niels were able to undertake a a first, full-fledged company transformation with OpenSpace Beta for a client. Silke stepped in as Master of Ceremonies, and the transformation was successfully concluded just six months later.

Since then, Red42 has undertaken quite a few transformations for and with clients from different countries and industries. As OpenSpace Beta is “open source” and since Red42 started offering qualifications in 2018, some colleagues and peers have also undertaken successful transformations with OpenSpace Beta.

During the “5 Years of OpenSpace Beta” celebration event on 02 June 2023, together with Daniel Mezick and Rijon Erickson, Silke and Niels took a critical look at the past, present and future of Very Fast Organizational Transformation: Sharing memories, “secrets” and insights that they all gained during the last five years, including research insights and personal conclusions.

The total duration time of this video is 2 hours 11 minutes. It includes a lively Q&A with participants of the live event on 02 June 2023. You will certainly find surprising information and insights here. Watch, enjoy – and please share generously!

In September 2023, Red42 will start offering its new OpenSpace Beta Practitioner certification, online. Get in touch for further information!

For further information about the OpenSpace Beta approach (including the OpenSpace Beta open source license), visit the OpenSpace Beta page on this website