• Beta: A new beginning

    Dear Beta people around the world,

    Ten years after its foundation, in early 2008, the Beta community is starting afresh! A few new active members have recently joined, which made it possible to re-launch this website a few weeks ago, after just two weeks of preparation. The website is not „finished“, of course, but forever in „beta“. Today, we introduced a new network logo. We are currently working on Beta certifications (for more on this, join our Slack group betacodex.slack.com) – and maybe it is about time to think about new content and fresh content formats, too: Let´s not forget that our content has attracted significant interest, around the world, already. The BetaCodex white papers attracted more than 400.000 views on SlideShare alone.
    And much much more is possible, of course.

    To get involved, join our forum on LinkedIn and our Slack community! Check out the content on this website. And, if you are new to Beta, take a look at the „About“ section.

    Let´s make Beta real, and promote the Necessary Organizational Renaissance!

  • Event announcement: US East Coast Tour, April 30 – May 4

    Newly announced events with Niels on the US East Coast:

  • Musings: Homage to John Seddon

    The work of John Seddon, co-creator of the „Vanguard method“ is one of the finest thinkers within the sphere of organizational renaissance.
    One might say that he is the legitimate heir to both Edwards Deming and Taiichi Ohno.

    Here are a couple of tweets of mine that may serve as a tiny little hommage to John Seddon.

    Taiichi Ohno said:
    „Never codify method! Don´t write tools!“
    But that is exactly what Americans do & have always done:
    They did so with #Quality & #Lean, they did it with #Agile.
    So most of us end up doing mindless junk work & trainings.
    We can do better!
    #Managers are taught how to work & function within #functions.
    They do not know better!
    So if you want to see wide-spread adoption of more effective, functionally integrated organizations, we need to help them learn how to #improve #systems, not functions.
    „My mission in life is to help managers get their thinking right about how to define their problems. That´s the biggest issue. Once you get that right, the rest is easy.“ says the great John Seddon in this video.
    I pretty much subscribe to that.

    Watch a few excellent Videos with John Seddon here:

  • New content on this website: Videos, articles, book links

    Over the last couple of days, we added plenty of videos, articles and book links to the #content section of the website.
    Check it all out here: Videos, articles, books to read!

  • Musings: Self-organization and control

    It is a popular fear and misunderstanding that self-organization would equal „no control“, „no boundaries“, or outright „anarchy“ and „chaos“Actual self-organization has nothing to do with any of that, of course.
    It is only in the mind of the command-and-control thinker that self-organization would appear „loose“. In fact, self-organization is always rooted in much higher discipline than top-down command-and-control. Just as a functioning democracy is rooted in much higher collective discipline and shared responsibility than an autocracy, or a dictatorship.

    In other words: Self-organization as the opposite of command-and-control is not „no control“: It is „more control and different control“, and it is „control beyond bosses & steering“.

    The pillars of „better control“ within self-organization is neither mystical, nor are they a secret:
    They are just alien to those socialized within command-and-control systems.
    The powerful sources of mutual, collective control in self-organization or Beta, arise through
    – shared principles
    – transparency, and
    – peer/social pressure.

    Here is a recent article in which I am outlining this a bit more…

  • What is it that the demise of the #HolacracyFad should really, really teach us?

    The #HolacracyFad is over, or at least it is finally ending. That is a good thing, without doubt: Because holacracy was never harmless.
    What remains, at least on my part, is a nagging question: Aren´t there wider implications of this? What does the #HolacracyFad tell us about our community? How do we, as a community, avoid stumbling into the next trap that is just around the corner?

    I published a post on this on the BetaCodex Network forum on LinkedIn, here: linkedin.com/groups/8607856/8607856-6379611102183071747

    I also published this as a more complete article, both on LinkedIn linkedin.com/pulse/holacracyfad-bigger-questions-craze-should-raising-within-pflaeging/ and on Medium medium.com/@NielsPflaeging/the-holacracyfad-bigger-questions-that-this-craze-should-be-raising-within-our-community-b610a6b816f9

    Please read, comment, and share!

  • Einladung: Fast-Umsonst-Beta-Kodex-Arbeitstag No. 15

    Liebe Kollegen,
    ich möchte Euch einladen zu einem neuen Termin meines erfolgreichen Workshop-Formats „speziell für unter Kollegen“:

    Zu einem Tag, an dem ich Erfahrung, Wissen, Methoden zu den Themen Beta-Kodex, Organisationsentwicklung, Change & Transformationsberatung teile. Für #Berater und #Change-Experten, die mehr darüber wissen wollen, wie #BetaFührung einsetzbar ist, wie man diese Transformationsleistung Kunden anbietet, und was man damit wirklich in der Praxis machen kann. Und auch, welche praktischen Herausforderungen das mit sich bringt.

    • Die Teilnahme: fast gratis.
    • Die Grundstimmung: verbindlich und kollegial.
    • Ort wie immer: Wiesbaden.

    Dies wird die 15. Ausgabe des Fast-Umsonst-Beta-Kodex-Arbeitstags. Die Teilnehmer der bisherigen Ausgaben fanden den Tag „intensiv“ und „anregend“ – und wünschten sich ganz überwiegend auch einen Follow-up-Tag dieser Art.

    Die Detaildaten

    Dringlichkeit, Vision, Mindset, Methoden, Praktiken, Veränderungs- und Beratungsansatz:
    Wie man mit dem Beta-Kodex mit Kunden und in Kundenorganisationen arbeitet
    Ein Workshop-Tag mit Niels Pfläging, BetaCodex Network

    Wiesbaden, 23. April 2018 (Montag)

    • Für Berater, Selbständige, Kollegen, Change-Experten
    • Teilnehmerzahl: maximal 12
    • Dauer: Beginn 10.00 Uhr, Ende 18.00 Uhr
    • Ort: 65185 Wiesbaden. Kirchgasse 2, 10. Etage
    • Workshop-Sprache: Deutsch
    • Teilnehmer-Beitrag: EUR 200,00 – einschließlich Mittagessen und Coffee breaks.
    • Wir stellen dir eine Rechnung.

    Anmeldung per Email an claudia.keller@nielspflaeging.com – first come, first served.
    Durchführung mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Insights Group Deutschland.

    Ich freue mich über Weiterleitung und Teilnehmer-„Werbung“, sowie über Euer Feedback und auf Eure Teilnahme!

  • Musings: How to deal with organizational problems – two schools of thinking

    I just found this video on my computer. I recorded it about 2 years ago for a research project – and it was never published.

    I think the key message in this video this:

    „People´s #behaviors within #organizations
    are the #children of #systems,
    and the #grandchildren of #theories,
    or mental models that were applied while creating those organizations.“

    But this describes only one #school of organizational thinking!

  • Our new website

    Welcome to the new website of the BetaCodex Network!

    The BetaCodex community forum was moved to LinkedIn, in 2017. So please take a look there, too: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8607856
    We are currently working on building a new web presence for the network here – including new features.
    Let us know about your thoughts and ideas for the community!