The following articles are all available through other websites and online media. We grouped into subjective categories: Foundational Beta texts – Articles by community members – Articles by others – In German – In French – In Portuguese. Please let us know about articles that you think should be added!

Foundational Beta texts

  1. Marvin Weisbord: Techniques to match our values
  2. Sumantra Ghoshal: Bad management theories are destroying good management practices
  3. Edgar H. Schein: Organizational Psychology Then and Now: Some Observations 
  4. Jeremy Hope/Robin Fraser: Who needs budgets?
  5. Robert Sutton; Barry Staw: What Theory is Not
  6. Henry Mintzberg: Developing theory about the development of theory
  7. Chris Argyris: Teaching smart people how to learn
  8. Gary Hamel: First let´s fire all the managers
  9. Alfie Kohn: Why incentive plans cannot work
  10. Jan Wallander: Budgeting – an unnecessary evil
  11. Ralph Stacey: The science of complexity
  12. Russell Ackoff:  Systems, messes and interactive planning
  13. J.C. Spender: Modern Management: Origins and development
  14. Paul Simon Adler: Democratic Taylorism: The Toyota Production System at NUMMI
  15. Jeffrey Pfeffer: Seven practices of successful organizations
  16. Eric B. Dent: Challenging “resistance to change”
  17. Tom Peters: This I believe + other manifestos by Tom Peters
  18. John Seddon: Watch out for the tool heads
  19. Niels Pflaeging/Silke Hermann/Brad Winn: OrgPhysics: Value Creation and the Three Leadership Structures

BetaCodex-related articles in English

  1. Niels Pflaeging: The toxic power of THEY: How conspiracy theories thwart progress
  2. Niels Pflaeging: Forget the Kotter approach to change – here comes VFOT!
  3. Niels Pflaeging: Organizational change: It does not have to be hard anymore
  4. Niels Pflaeging: If it takes longer than a few months, then it’s NOT transformation
  5. Niels Pflaeging: Abolish Bonuses! There is no way around that
  6. Niels Pflaeging: Transformation any company: 5 concepts
  7. Niels Pflaeging: Work the System: Transformation, delivered
  8. Stefan Willuda: Only in Beta can you ever be agile
  9. Niels Pflaeging: Relative Targets: Why you should stop annual planning and put an end to target-setting – for good
  10. Niels Pflaeging: The Curse of the Double Axis Chart
  11. Niels Pflaeging: Decentralization: A natural and an inevitable feature of organizations in complexity
  12. Niels Pflaeging: Thought of the Day: New
  13. Niels Pflaeging: Differences that make a difference
  14. Niels Pflaeging: Taylor, Beta pioneers and Organizational Hygiene
  15. Niels Pflaeging: Management exorcism and organizational transformation that works
  16. Silke Hermann/Niels Pflaeging/ OpenSpace Beta: An invitation to transform your company in just 90 days
  17. Niels Pflaeging: Secrets of Very Fast Organizational Transformation (VFOT)
  18. Silke Hermann/Niels Pflaeging: Q&A on the book OpenSpace Beta
  19. Niels Pflaeging: The Holacracy Fad: Bigger questions to ask in the light of this craze’s demise
  20. Niels Pflaeging: The McGregor Paradox. The most tragic misunderstanding in the history of work & organizations
  21. Niels Pflaeging: Social Density: The key to self-organization
  22. Niels Pflaeging: A hell of a difference!
  23. Niels Pflaeging: Complexity at work and the Superhero paradox
  24. Niels Pflaeging: Competition in organizations: Good or bad?
  25. Niels Pflaeging: Change is more like adding milk to coffee
  26. Niels Pflaeging: Org Physics: How a triad of structures allows companies to absorb complexity
  27. Niels Pflaeging: Org Physics: The 3 faces of every company
  28. Niels Pflaeging: Flat hierarchies: Just another step in the wrong direction
  29. Niels Pflaeging: 7 reasons why the Digital Transformation is overhyped
  30. Niels Pflaeging: Leadership styles aren’t what you think they are
  31. Niels Pflaeging: Bosses vs. Leaders: Companies need neither
  32. Niels Pflaeging: Top Quotes on Organization, Complexity, Leadership & Change
  33. Niels Pflaeging: Thinking tools: Management versus Leadership
  34. Niels Pflaeging/Ben Linders: Change your organization to support agile project work: The BetaCodex Network & model
  35. Niels Pflaeging: Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Toyota or Semco
  36. Niels Pflaeging: The destructive power of target-setting: Objectives and the EU crisis
  37. Niels Pflaeging: Heroes of Leadership: “Founders” acknowledged (Part 1)
  38. Niels Pflaeging: Now to New: How to Flip Your Company to Perpetual Beta
  39. Niels Pflaeging: Management Belongs onto the Garbage Heap of History
  40. Niels Pflaeging: Stop the Quackery! A Robust Theory of Org Power & Leadership
  41. Niels Pflaeging: Bye-Bye MbO! From Fixed to Relative Performance
  42. Niels Pflaeging: Crazy. Stupid. Learning. The 2 Types of Learning and Why They Matter
  43. Lisa Gill: 10 Components that Successfully Abolished Hierarchy (in 70+ companies)

BetaCodex-related articles in German

  1. Niels Pfläging: Von New Work-Sehnsucht zur Renaissance in der Praxis: Eine Frage der Puzzlesteine
  2. Niels Pfläging: New Work braucht einen New Kodex 
  3. Niels Pfläging: Change Management bzw. ‘Change nach Vorschrift‘ ist verzichtbar
  4. Silke Hermann/Niels Pfläging: Eine kurze Geschichte des Zellstrukturdesign
  5. Niels Pfläging: Alles Denken ist “inselrational”​
  6. Silke Hermann/Niels Pfläging: Die Zukunft des Organisationslernens ist diskursiv & selbstorganisiert
  7. Silke Hermann: Die Hipsterisierung alter Managementtools löst keine Probleme managerSeminare
  8. Niels Pfläging: Transformationsgeversprechen
  9. Niels Pfläging: Planung ist Unsinn
  10. Niels Pfläging: Transformationsgeheimnisse
  11. Stefan Willuda: “Agilität” gelingt nur mit Beta
  12. Stefan Willuda: Achtung Zukunft! Organisationen des Landes, dezentralisiert Euch!
  13. Silke Hermann: Unser merkwürdiges Verhältnis zur Gleichstellung in Unternehmen
  14. Niels Pfläging: Der Fluch der Vier-Felder-Matrix
  15. Niels Pfläging: Unterschiede, die einen Unterschied machen
  16. Peter Pröll: Die agile Bewegung ist gescheiter
  17. Ernst Weichselbaum: Wirtschaftlicher Erfolg durch Systemüberwindung
  18. Silke Hermann/Niels Pfläging: Bye-bye Marketingabteilung! 
  19. Silke Hermann/Niels Pfläging: Komplexithoden: Die Macht der Sprache 
  20. Niels Pflaeging/Mathias Irle: Ziele werden maßlos überschätzt! brand eins
  21. Niels Pfläging: Gute Gründe dafür, Lewinist zu sein
  22. Niels Pfläging: Der Wandel zur agilen Beta-Organisation ist in wenigen Monaten machbar. Überall
  23. Niels Pfläging: Empowerment und die agile Organisation
  24. Niels Pfläging: Reden wir über Vertrieb und Ziele
  25. Niels Pfläging: Macht halt einen Unterschied!
  26. Niels Pfläging: Wenn Mitarbeiter demotiviert sind, ist das ein Spiegelbild der Verhältnisse
  27. Niels Pfläging: Wir brauchen mutigere Manager! Oder nicht?
  28. Niels Pfläging: Richtige Führung ist Arbeit am System
  29. Niels Pfläging: Change ist so wie Milch in Kaffee geben
  30. Niels Pfläging: Manager sind nicht das Problem
  31. Niels Pfläging: Wir reiten ein totes Pferd namens Management
  32. Niels Pfläging: Komplexithoden: Impulse für Leadership in dynamischen Zeiten
  33. Niels Pfläging: Prozessmanagement: Leider ungeil
  34. Niels Pfläging: Komplexidee: Die Macht der Sprache
  35. Niels Pfläging: Personalentwicklung: Eine schlechte Idee
  36. Niels Pfläging: Don’t panic: 7 Gedanken zur Digitalen Transformation
  37. Niels Pfläging: Warum Manager im Silicon Valley nichts lernen können
  38. Niels Pfläging: Mitarbeitergespräche: eine Sackgasse
  39. Niels Pfläging: Planung ist Luxus! Die Zukunft des Controlling
  40. Niels Pfläging: Ihre Firma hat genau die Kultur, die sie verdient
  41. Niels Pfläging: Entscheiden Sie noch – oder arbeiten Sie schon an der Organisationshygiene?
  42. Niels Pfläging: Management ist eine Zombie-Methode! Ein Interview
  43. Niels Pfläging: Gute Banken, miese Banken
  44. Niels Pfläging: Boni abschaffen: Dazu gibt es keine Alternative
  45. Niels Pfläging: Von Hier nach Neu im Jetzt – Teil 1. Bye-bye Change Management!
  46. Niels Pfläging: Von Hier nach Neu im Jetzt – Teil 2. Bye-bye Change Management!
  47. Niels Pfläging: Die Agile Organisation ist kein Kunststück
  48. Niels Pfläging: Flache Hierarchien sind die Fortsetzung des Holzwegs

BetaCodex-related articles in French

  1. Niels Pflaeging/Philippe Brière:Physique des organisations: comment un trio de structures permet aux entreprises d’absorber la complexité
  2. Niels Pflaeging/Philippe Brière:Entretiens annuels: une impasse

BetaCodex-related articles in Portuguese

  1. Niels Pflaeging/Roberta Ebina: Chefe ou Líder? Empresas não precisam de qualquer um dos dois
  2. Niels Pflaeging: Por que não podemos aprender absolutamente nada com a Toyota ou a Semco
  3. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Org Physics. As 3 Faces de Toda Empresa: como uma tríade de estruturas permite que as empresas absorvam a Complexidade
  4. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Hierarquias Horizontais: Apenas mais um passo na direção errada
  5. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Mudança-como-Flipar: Mudança é mais como adicionar leite ao café
  6. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Sua empresa possui exatamente a cultura que merece
  7. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Elimine os Bônus! Não há jeito de contornar isso
  8. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Metas Relativas: Por Que Você Deve Parar de Fazer Planejamento Anual e Acabar com a Definição de Metas – Para Sempre
  9. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Densidade Social: A Chave para a Auto-Organização
  10. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Competição nas Organizações: Isso é Bom ou é Ruim?
  11. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: O Paradoxo McGregor. O mais trágico equívoco na história do trabalho e das organizações
  12. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Cinco Segredos da Transformação Organizacional Muito Rápida (VFOT)
  13. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Estilos de Liderança: Eles Não São o Que Você Acha Que São
  14. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Chefes ou Líderes: As Empresas Não Precisam Deles
  15. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Aprendizado. Estúpido. Louco. Os 2 Tipos de Aprendizagem e Por Que Eles Importam
  16. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: 7 Razões Pelas Quais a Transformação Digital é Superestimada
  17. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: As Promessas de Transformação
  18. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Sua empresa possui exatamente a cultura que merece
  19. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Descentralização: Uma característica natural e inevitável das organizações na complexidade
  20. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Diferenças que fazem a diferença
  21. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: A Maldição do Gráfico de Eixo Duplo
  22. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: O feedback, um fracasso
  23. Niels Pflaeging/Ugo Ribeiro: Esqueça a Abordagem Kotter para a mudança – aqui está a VFOT!
  24. Peter Proell/Ugo Ribeiro: Apenas Sintomas
  25. Peter Proell/Ugo Ribeiro: Liderança Interpessoal
  26. Stefan Willuda/Ugo Ribeiro: Somente através do Beta você pode ser “Ágil”
  27. Valéria Carvalho: AUTONOMIA, o ingrediente secreto para a alta performance
  28. Valéria Carvalho: Indicadores, Metas e Seus Rituais
  29. Ugo Ribeiro: A Gestão Está Morta, e Zumbificada!
  30. Ugo Ribeiro: Organizações Como Organismos Vivos
  31. Ugo Ribeiro: VUCA Não Vai Ajudar Você