Join the BetaCodex movement on your own terms!

A few options:

    • Check in into our virtual communities on LinkedIn (public forum) and on Slack (work platform).
    • Study the extensive, even massive online resources on this website, which include tons of videos, articles, links, as well as the highly content-dense BetaCodex white papers.
    • Become a certified Beta Master: It is the coherent approach to learning about Beta. It is affordable. It is your personal kick-start into the world of the BetaCodex. Afterwards, you can upgrade to certified Beta Change Master.


  • Take part in an offline event. Learn about Beta, and connect to the community during meetups, workshops, conferences, seminars.
  • Add to the network. Our community is young – and much is to be explored within it. Organize meetups/workshops/conferences, publish or co-publish fresh content, help us launching certifications, to name just a few options.
  • Make Beta real within your organization, or in your client work. Apply Beta to your work: within your organization. or with your clients. And share the stories.

Between 2009 and 2017, the BetaCodex Network operated its online forum here, on its own web platform. With the rise of potent professional social networks, this turned somewhat obsolete. Consequently, the network is currently present on LinkedIn and Slack.
On Twitter, please use the #BetaCodex hashtag.



The network´s public online discussion forum is located on LinkedIn.
This forum is actively moderated.
Join more than 1.200+ peers here: 



You can find the BetaCodex work community on Slack here:
Engage with 50+ peers in all kinds of community-related activities and projects.
Discussion channels currently include:
You can also find information about offline meetups here on Slack.