How does one acquire the Beta way of thinking & acting?

Thinking within the logic of Beta, one cannot help but becoming somewhat critical of seminars and “trainings”. We all have experienced, one way or another (often through the dreadful reality of training programs and conferences), that profound insight and learning are unlikely to happen within mandatory, authoritarian, teacher-dominated, classroom-bound, and knowledge-accentuating settings and contexts. Which is why trainings (and, to a large degree, elearning) are sadly among the worst, most ineffective vessels for producing relevant personal learning and organizational development. In line with this reasoning, we offer a wide range of Beta-related alternatives to “trainings-as-you-know-them”, which we are giving an overview of on this page.

We believe that there is only one way to learn, or acquire the Beta mindset: It is through acquiring the theories and distinctions necessary for solving all relevant problems you may encounter in your work. Simple, isn’t it?

Personal learning formats that work

Get updated and connected. To get updated, we have a wide range of social media and web presences – beyond this website:

Online resources: These can be used for your personal learning – and you should share them. Resources include

Books. We believe in the book, and in the power of reading books. Consequently, you find a carefully curated list of book recommendations on this website, here.

BetaCodex Meetups: A great way to connect and have initial conversations around Beta.

Clubs. These are informal online gatherings that allow for concentrated, focused discussion. Clubs are hosted by a member of the network, participation is free of charge and open to anyone. The clubs that are currently running are:

  • The BetaCodex Book Club; Here, new business books are discussed, in the light of BetaCodex theory and practice. Participants must have read the book in question previously to the online session. You can find out about the #BookClub through the LinkedIn Group.
  • The BetaCodex Binge Club: Here, TV documentaries, movies and series are discussed – always as related to Beta practice, the BetaCodex community and topics, of course. The club is curated and hosted by a network member. You can find out about the #BingeClub through the LinkedIn Group.

Haptic learning bundles, which include resources such as books, booklets, posters, work sheets, card sets and more. Red42 has developed quite a few of these bundles, which you can use for personal learning and in your work.

Get involved in the BetaCodex Network’s ongoing research projects. Starting in early 2023, research projects run by the network’s membership have become the core of the network’s activity. You are invited to join these projects, or suggest and create new ones! To connect with this line of activity get in touch with our nominated Guides to reconciling new projects!

Learning formats for teams & organizations

BetaCodex thought clinics & workshops – public and in-company – for groups large and small and for entire organizations. Usually delivered in a highly collaborative “thought clinic” format – without fixed agenda, without power point or lecturing. Several BetaCodex associates will be happy to assist you with this.

Courses and masterclasses which are offered by several BetaCodex associates are also a great learning option. These learning formats provide a structured way of getting into the Beta mindset.

Impulse sessions & speaking at conferences are offered by several of our associates. Such sessions may be as interactive and reflection-focused as the client, organizer and format allow. Ideally, one might call this kind of format “keynote workshops”

Social technologies derived from the BetaCodex that you should learn about and make use of. Chiefly the open source approaches developed by Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging of Red42. Red42 regularly offers free “info hours” about these approaches. 

  1. OpenSpace Beta – created in 2018. A BetaCodex approach to change and Very Fast Organizational Transformation (see our white paper No. 15)
  2. Cell Structure Design – created in 2020. A BetaCodex approach to organizational design and structure
  3. Relative Targets – created in 2021. A BetaCodex approach to performance systems

Knowledge conferences based on Open Space Technology – for existing communities and organizations. These can be set up and run for you by BetaCodex associates, if you wish.

Online small group-based learning, as provided by qomenius – a learning provider founded by BetaCodex Network associates Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging. This kind of approach highly scalable and self-organized – in line with BetaCodex principles.