Thinking within the logic of Beta, one cannot help but becoming somewhat critical of seminars and “trainings”.
We all have experienced, one way or another (often through the dreadful reality of trainings and conferences), that profound insight and learning are unlikely to happen within mandatory, authoritarian, teacher-dominated, classroom-bound, and knowledge-accentuating settings and contexts. Which is why trainings (and, to a large degree, elearning) are among the worst, most ineffective vessels for producing relevant personal learning and organizational development.


Learning formats that work

In line with this reasoning, we offer a wide range of Beta-related alternatives to “trainings-as-you-know-them”. For instance:

  • Online resources for your personal learning and as a core for acquiring BetaCodex certifications.
  • BetaCodex thought clinics & workshops – public and in-company – for both groups and organizations. Usually delivered in a highly collaborative “thought clinic” format – without fixed agenda, without power point or lecturing. Clinics and workshops also play a supporting role in our certifications.
  • Sessions & speaking at conferences – as interactive and reflection-focused as the client, organizer and format allow. One might call this “keynote workshops”
  • Knowledge conferences based on Open Space Technology – for existing communities and organizations.
  • Tandem meetings – a highly informal and inviting format for use within organizations.


How, then, does one acquire the Beta way of thinking & acting?

We believe that there is only one way to learn, or acquire the Beta mindset:
It is through acquiring the theories and distinctions necessary for solving all relevant problems you may encounter in your work.
Simple, isn´t it?

Our certifications are a specific, structured way of getting into the Beta mindset.