Two BetaCodex-based “social technologies” are key to all Beta organizations. One might say that this two-fold socio-tech is the practical expression of Beta in organizational reality. One of these social technologies is Cell Structure Design, the other is Relative Targets. We talk about Relative Targets on a separate page on this website. 

Cell Structure Design conceptualizes decentralized organizational design, leaderships and consistent self-organization, in all its facets. Never have the concepts of organizational decentralization and functional integration been outlined quite as succinctly. Cell Structure Design was articulated and published in 2019 by Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging (Red42). And while it is rather “new” as a concept, it has a long history and tradition, and it has been practiced in dozens of organizations from all kinds of industries.

Cell Structure Design is an open source social technology

This work is derived from Cell Structure Design, an open source, free social technology by Niels Pflaeging & Silke Hermann, published under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license from Creative Commons, and found here:

Cell Structure Design is the world's leading approach for building an organization around value creation - instead of building it around functions, departments, processes or "leaders". It is the only organization design approach that's capable of bringing about a consistently decentralized and self-organized structure - with highly autonomous, market-oriented teams in an organization's Periphery and Center.

Cell Structure Design is applicable in any organization - regardless of its background, size, history, industry, origin or geographic distribution. Get started with Cell Structure Design at any point in time. Done right, the new, decentralized cell structure capable of performing way better than your previous "siloed and departmental" structure can go live within weeks. Not months or years.

“It is probable that one day we shall begin to draw 
organization charts as a series of linked groups 
rather than as a hierarchical structure of 
individual 'reporting' relationships.”
Douglas McGregor (1906 –1964)


You can buy Cell Structure Design-related products, and use the learning resources on the web page.

Watch an introduction to Cell Structure Design