1. As we are a true network of people, not a loose “community of interested people”, we expect every member of the network to contribute actively to the joint Reason for Being and to work together on joint Beta-related projects (listed here). Contributing and working together, in this context, means being active beyond individual business interests, and beyond personal, reputational gains.
  2. We believe that everyone can contribute to organizational and societal progress, We believe that everyone can be a “researcher”, too. In this spirit, and within the spirit of our mission, we expect members (1) to contribute to relevant research, which means systematic questioning, connecting, synthesizing. articulating, publishing, elaborating and sharing of Beta-related content and (2) to spread the word, generally.
  3. To join a research project, a publication project or other network projects, or to set up a new project, your mastery must match the project’s requirements. Consult current members or peers with appropriate mastery to judge your project proposal, if you want to start a new project. if you want to join an existing project, consult those who are already involved in it.
  4. We expect every member of the network to contribute financially to the joint work, every year, at least symbolically. We hold each other accountable with regards to these financial contributions.
  5. Our work results are open source – which includes (and does not ignore) that we deeply respect content creators. We mention content creators by name, whenever possible, as we make use of their creations. We practice this mentioning of content creators both internally and externally, both in writing and in talking, and we do this consistently.

This code of conduct was created in December 2022

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