Research Project 1. The OpenSpace Beta Commentary

  • About this project: Starting in early 2023, this group will work on a mid-term basis to make more in-depth findings around the use of OpenSpace Beta available. The task is to extract specifications, special features and meaningful interpretations for practice from field work with the OpenSpace Beta approach. All group members were involved with OpenSpace Beta processes, in active roles. This peer work serves to provide insight for new practitioners of OpenSpace Beta. The format or formats in which the research results will be published and successively extended is to be clarified.
  • Participation requires relevant and proven practical experience with OpenSpace Beta, as well as willingness for continuous and reliable collaboration in the project.
  • Start: January 2023
  • Project update March 2023: Available on the BetaCodex LinkedIn group
  • Project update February 2024: The research and writing phase of the project is to be concluded until late 2024. Publication of the resulting book should happen still in 2024, through BetaCodex Press
  • Status update July 2024: Publication of a related BetaCodex research paper, OpenSpace Beta patterns, with 14 patterns described

Research Project 2. Sustainability and Beta Leadership

  • About this project: Led by Silke, this research project is aimed at making the connection between modern, or contemporary organizational leadership and sustainability explicit, and at inciting insight and action on several levels: not just organizations, but also on a societal level, and politically. The focus is on connections that have so far been ignored, misinterpreted or overlooked. In the context of this research, we will assume that action on sustainability will have to swiftly tackle the three big problems of climate change, global extinction of species, and the achievement of a circular economy. During several stages of the research process, there will be opportunity for network members to discuss the intermediate results and draft versions with Silke – based on commitment by network members to earnest involvement. The research results are going to be published and shared in several formats, and also made available to the wider public.
  • Participation requires relevant and proven practical experience in the field of sustainability, as well as willingness for continuous and reliable collaboration in the project.
  • Start: February 2023

Research Project 3. Cell Structure Design Patterns

  • About this project: Undertaken by Niels, this tightly framed research project aims at publishing insights and key learnings from 20 years of Cell Structure Design-related work. This project is intended to raise awareness to the unique potential of decentralization, organizational democracy, and Cell Structure Design. The project will first lead to producing at least one free BetaCodex Network white paper – as this is a great way to reach the widest possible audience, with serious and well-designed content. The output from this research might however also be published through other channels and through other media. The white-paper(s) will not be derived from the forthcoming Cell Structure Design book in English. Instead, it will feature a distinct structure, newly written texts and a distinct visual language that’s appropriate for online publication and for describing the patterns in 50+ consulting and advisory projects around decentralization and Cell Structure Design.
  • Participation will be limited to editing (at least at first). It thus requires willingness to edit and review additional publications authored by Niels, prior to publication. Contributions to content can be made in any shape, at any time, and are highly welcome.
  • Start: June 2023.
  • Status update July 2023: Publication of the BetaCodex Network white paper with 10 patterns happened.
  • Status update August 2023: A second BetaCodex white paper on the topic is being worked upon. This paper is also supposed to cover another set of approximately 10 patterns. Publication will happen within the next 6 months.
  • Status update January 2024: The second Cell Structure Design Patterns white paper with 10 new patterns was published

Other projects and roles

Publication Project 1. OpenSpace Beta book, Portuguese

  • About this project: This group is translating the OpenSpace Beta handbook from English to Portuguese, for publication in 2024
  • Status: Translation to be concluded in Q1 2024
  • Publication: through BetaCodex Press. Date: to be defined, in 2024

Publication Project 2. Cell Structure Design book, English

  • About this project: Based on a draft translation from German to English done in 2021, this group is preparing publication of the Cell Structure Design book in English. 
  • Status: Publication will be though BetaCodex Press. Date: to be defined, during the 1st semester 2024


Publication Project 3. Relative Targets book, German

  • About this project: This will be the first book on Relative Targets since the publication of this social technology, in 2021. It is being written in German first.
  • Status: Publication in German will be though Vahlen (who also published the Cell Structure Design and OpenSpace Beta books in German). Date: to be defined, during the 1st semester 2024. Translation into English will follow. 

Infrastructure Project 1. 3rd generation network website launch & development

  • About this project: This group will develop the network’s 3rd generation website long-term, design-wise and content-wise. Launch should happen until Q1 2024. The website is developed with Typo3 technology.
  • Participation requires relevant website development mastery, and willingness to contribute long-term.
  • Status update February 2024: The Typo3-based website is launched. To do's for the coming months: Add content in languages other than English; expand content; add features

Honorary titles (2008 –): BetaCodex Network founders

Valérya Carvalho
Niels Pflaeging