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2. Lean RFS (Repetitive Flexible Supply): Putting the Pieces Together  
by Ian Fraser Glenday, Rick Sather  
3. The network's Reason for Being  
The BetaCodex Network's Reason for Being Our Identity Beta is a paradigm: a way of organizing, a philosophy. BetaCodex is a concept based on 12 principles that articulates the Beta mindset (see over  
4. The first 16 years of the network  
The first 16 years of the network (2008 - 2024) This is not the definitive story of the BetaCodex movement. Instead, is a story that we think outlines the context, the events and their outcomes wel  
5. Learning Beta  
We believe that there is only one way to learn, or acquire the Beta mindset: Through acquiring the theories and distinctions necessary for solving all relevant problems you may encounter in your wor  
6. Home  
In order to address today's complexity and high market dynamics, and to achieve sustainable competitive performance in such markets, organizations need to be consistently self-organized, decentralize  
7. Contemplations on Beta Transformation: A new article by Niels Pflaeging  
Very fast transformation In this short article published on LinkedIn, Niels Pflaeging reflects on the market for Beta transformations, and about the role of consultants in making Beta Transformation in real-world organization  
8. The laws of the BetaCodex  
Consequently, it is crucial to Beta that it is not based on rules, but on principles. Unlike other organizational concepts, the BetaCodex is neither a prescription nor a hammer, nor is it a one-size  
9. Relative Targets  
This is the second of the two BetaCodex-based “social technologies” that are cornerstones of all Beta organizations. One might say that this socio-tech is a practical expression of Beta in organizat  
10. Cell Structure Design  
Two BetaCodex-based “social technologies” are key to all Beta organizations. One might say that this two-fold socio-tech is the practical expression of Beta in organizational reality. One of these s  
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