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23. BetaCodex LIVE #30: A conversation with Organizational Development pioneer Bill Pasmore  
For the 30th episode of BetaCodexLIVE, Rijon Erickson and Niels Pflaeging invited the great Bill Pasmore for a conversation covering Bill's 50 years in the field of Organizational Development. The thr  
24. OpenSpace Beta  
BetaCodex socio-tech: OpenSpace Beta This BetaCodex social technology allows for what we have come to call Very Fast Organizational Transformation, or Time-Boxed Change: Away from command-and-contr  
25. Imprint  
BetaCodex GmbH c/o Niels Pflaeging Gustav-Freytag-Strasse 6 Germany – 65189 Wiesbaden Fon. +49-173 6821315 If you require any more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us  
27. Classics of Organizational Behavior  
by Walter E. Natemeyer, Paul Hersey  
28. Open source licence  
All materials and texts on this website – including the BetaCodex itself, and the BetaCodex Network white papers – are published as an Open Source, Free Social Technology via the CC-BY-SA license fr  
30. Why is it so hard to get something done in my healthcare delivery organization? Part 2  
There’s an easy answer: Because your organization wasn’t designed to get things done. Part Two: Systems So if structures are how organizations organize the work. How is the work actually accomplished  
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