Cell Structure Design Patterns, I (#19)

Real-world insights from the practice of consistently decentralized & democratic organizational design

Published July 2023

Our work with client organizations around the BetaCodex, decentralizetion, and Cell Structure Design began around 2003, 5 years before the foundation of the BetaCodex Network. At the time, Niels took up his firstever consulting assignment, with a larger software development firm of 1.300 people that wanted to go “decentralized and consistently selforganized”. In short, they wanted to learn how to overcome departments and go “cell structure”, for good. Over the course of 20 years, we have advised to at least 50 organizations –large and small and from all kinds of sectors, from industries to banking to service to public sector to not-forprofits, in order to help them get this kind of transformation done, overcoming command-and-control –for good.