Heroes of Leadership (#14)

The men and women who advanced organizational thinking in theory and practice

Published February 2013

Most books, articles and concepts on leadership are ridiculous. Mainly, that´s because they fail to consider history, available science, and the systemic nature of work and organizations. This paper approaches leadership by looking at it through the lens of history, and by presenting more than thirty notable men and women who enriched and shaped the way we (should) perceive leadership today. We will start our journey at the time when large-scale corporations and the profession of management started to gain weight, at the height of the industrial age. It stretches to some of the leadership “heroes” of this day. We have selected a wide range of notables of the field -some famous, some less so. Many thinkers and practitioners have been left out –for practical, for obvious or less obvious reasons. Let's just say that the notables we selected were chosen after careful and rigorous consideration. The choices made may have been subjective.

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