Organize for Complexity, part I (#12)

Part 1. How to make work work again. How to break the barrier of command-and-control – and create the peak-performance, networked organization

Published June 2012

Don't we all ask ourselves questions like: 

  • How can organizations deal with growing complexity? 
  • How to adjust a growing organization, without creating falling into the bureaucracy trap? 
  • How to become more capable of adapting to new circumstances?
  • How to overcome existing barriers to performance, innovation and growth? 
  • How to become an organization more fit to human  beings, and achieve higher engagement? 
  • How to produce profound change, without hitting the barrier? 

In this paper, we argue that in order to address these  issues, we must create organizations that are truly robust  for complexity, as well as fit for human beings. We also discuss how that can be done. You will learn about concepts that allow to design entire organizations for complexity, regardless of size, age, industry, country or culture.  

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