Techniques for Transformation (#1)

Exploring the practicalities of BetaCodex change initiatives

Originally presented October 2007, published March 2008

Underlying assumptions of our recent management model transformation projects:

  1. Organizations are “systems”. So they have to be transformed as such. Thus, finance people cannot do it alone. (And it's actually much more fun approaching change holistically.) 
  2. A systemic view of the change process:  don't plan too far ahead – follow the energy! 
  3. “It's all about human nature”.  Apply “Theory Y” rigidly!  
  4. Abolishing budgets is 0,5% of the project (and not the most difficult bit). Creating an entrepreneurial devolved network is key to the “new” model. Which means changing hundreds or thousands of mindsets. 
  5. People in the organization have to do this themselves!  The role of consultants and change experts: give advice, don't make decisions or start “implementing” for the client. 
  6. Everyone's communication styles and behavior patterns must change. Transformation thus requires “people” specialists, coaching and some training. 
  7. “Mature” cases and the model itself are key to making the vision palpable. But it is equally necessary to apply more “emotional” techniques and metaphors. 
  8. “Community” is a foundation to successful implementation, because it provides orientation – the BetaCodex Network is the cornerstone of this community 


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