The Case for Transformation (#5)

What the BetaCodex stands for today. Why you should change your organizational model. How you can start the transformation journey.

Published April 2008

The BetaCodex (or “beyond budgeting”) movement  has been on a journey of more than 15 years so far… 
The 1st phase: 

  • The BBRT is founded in 1998 as a study group within CAM-I, an industry association. In 2002, the BBRT becomes independent from CAM-I.  
  • Company visits: The BBRT looks into organizations to find ways to abandon budgeting. It finds organizations like Handelsbanken, AES, Borealis, and Ikea. 
  • More than 20 detailed case studies are written up, and discussed with the membership during meetings and shared with the wider audience at conferences. The BBRT expands to the Americas and other regions. 
  • The principles of the model are outlined and refined. Many articles are published. 
  • From 1998 on, the BBRT gathers around 150 member organizations.

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