A new article by Niels Pflaeging tells the history of the BetaCodex

A new article by BetaCodex founder Niels Pflaeging appeared on LinkedIn


Read the new article by BetaCodex founder Niels Pflaeging on LinkedIn:

About Niels Pflaeging. Niels is founder of the BetaCodex Network and co-founder of Red42. Niels is the author of eleven books, three of which are available in English: The best-seller Organize for Complexity (2014), the OpenSpace Beta handbook (2018) and Essays on Beta, Vol. 1 (2020). Together with Silke Hermann, Niels is the creator of organizational approaches such as Org Physics and Change-as-Flipping, and of the social technologies OpenSpace Beta, Cell Structure Design and Relative Targets. Niels is also co-founder of the #EdTech startup qomenius. As an advisor, speaker and author, Niels has earned a reputation as a highly progressive business thinker and innovator. You can reach him through niels.pflaeging@noSpam.redforty2.com. Niels will usually also respond to your comments here.