The BetaCodex is "new knowledge" around work, organizing, leadership and organizational development

And new knowledge is serious business


We at the BetaCodex Network recognize that the kind of change or transformation we advocate for work and organizations does not happen by luck, or by chance, or “just by itself” – or through mere telling and preaching. Carl Gustav Jung expressed the problem well: “Every advance, every conceptual achievement of mankind, has been connected with an advance in self-awareness: man differentiated himself from the object and faced Nature as something distinct from her.” Any reorientation of how we think and act in work and organizations will have to follow the same road.

If this is true, and if preaching or telling does not change the world all by itself, then our societal and organizational advancement we are looking for requires individual insight on a larger scale. It requires serious and immersive learning by many, and (ultimately) sound didactics. We at the BetaCodex Network aim at delivering and enabling that kind of insight and learning. We tried to organize this new website accordingly.

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(The title quote is by Avi Loeb)