Founded in early 2008, and building upon the pioneering work of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT), this network is different:

  • The BetaCodex Network is focused on helping achieve the Necessary Organizational Renaissance, not on talking.
  • It is open source. It is inclusive. It is non-commercial.
  • It provides not just questions, but also answers based on a wide array of research, theory & pioneering cases.

In short: This network cares about action. It cares about improving the world of work an organizations – today, not tomorrow!
This network is taking the BetaCodex – or: Beyond Budgeting, as it was formerly known – to a new level, by making it real.


The BetaCodex Network´s Reason for Being

Our Identity:

We are the network with answers for organizations in the knowledge economy. The consequent application of our alternative mindset turns these answers into reality.

Our Vision:

The BetaCodex is the standard organizational codex.

Our Mission:

The Network helps organizations to transform their management models from command & control (alpha) to beta, in order for them to sustain superior competitive success. The BetaCodex Network is the most important platform for achieving transformation and improving the model.