Since its foundation in 2008, the BetaCodex movement takes part in “a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress” within organizations and societies.

Beta is for every organization. And it is for everyone. Building upon the pioneering work of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT), this network is different: It does not promote tools, or frameworks, but a coherent system of systems concept that you are free to acquire for yourself and your organization through learning. Beta is a way of thinking & acting that is free to use. Though counter-intuitive to most at first, once acquired it turns simple. The challenge, then, is to achieve mastery at thinking & acting in a Beta way. Which is where this network comes into play:

  • Our network focuses on helping achieve the Necessary Organizational Renaissance, not just on talking.
  • The network is open source, it is inclusive, it is non-commercial – instead of secretive, excluding and income-oriented.
  • It provides not just questions, but answers based on a wide array of research, theory & pioneering cases.

In short: This network cares about action. It cares about improving the world of work and organizations – today, not tomorrow! This network is taking Beta, or the BetaCodex, to a new level, by making it real. 

Join on your own terms: Here is the invitation. You are a member of another movement, such as Agile, Lean, Total Quality or Beyond Budgeting? Then check out our principles below, and see if you can feel at home within Beta, too! We do not believe in primitive tribalism, but in building a movement of movements to make work & organizations better. Our work belongs to everyone.


The #BetaCodex:
12 laws of organizing in today´s Beta world

Beta is the organizational way of thinking & acting that is fit for complex markets & fit for human beings.
It is articulated through an indivisible set of 12 laws, or principles:

  1. Team autonomy: Connectedness with purpose, not dependency
  2. Federalization:  Integration into cells, not division into silos
  3. Leaderships: Self-organization, not management
  4. All-around success: Comprehensive fitness, not mono-maximization
  5. Transparency: Flow intelligence, not power obstruction
  6. Market orientation: Relative Targets, not top-down prescription
  7. Conditional income: Participation, not incentives
  8. Presence of mind: Preparation, not planned economy
  9. Rhythm: Tact & groove, not fiscal-year orientation
  10. Mastery-based decision: Consequence, not bureaucracy
  11. Resource discipline: Expedience, not status-orientation
  12. Flow coordination: Value-creation dynamics, not static allocations

(2018 version). Our hashtag: #betacodex
Learn more about the codex here!

You can use the following visual of the BetaCodex in your work. Share it freely!