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253. There is no "status quo." This has consequences for change and transformation  
Project vs Process It would be really nice if such a thing as a "status quo" existed. Granted: There's a rock band by that name that was founded in 1962 . But in the context of organizations and change and organizationa  
254. ‘BetaCodex: A Making Of‘ lays out the movement’s contributions to organizational development in theory and practice  
In this new article, our founder Niels Pflaeging explains how the BetaCodex Network, since its foundation in 2008, has approached organizational transformation – both conceptually and practically.  
255. BetaCodex Network starts new event calendar on Luma  
A new online event calendar now displays all BetaCodex-related events in one place. Registration for the community’s own events will also be handled through Luma, directly.  
256. “There is no status quo” – a new article by Niels Pflaeging  
Project vs Process A new article by BetaCodex Network founder Niels Pflaeging appeared on LinkedIn  
257. BetaCodex LIVE kicks off its 2nd season with conversations about two great business books  
BetaCodex Network associates Rijon Erickson and Niels Pflaeging started the 2nd season of the weekly BetaCodex LIVE show with episode #17, discussing the book “The Capitalist Philosophers” by Andrea G  
258. Bayer's DSO initiative as promoted by CEO Bill Anderson comes with all the right intentions. With the right methods, it is both realistic and feasible  
This week, Bayer CEO Bill Anderson published a new article in Fortune, talking about Dynamic Shared Ownership ("DSO"), the company's ambitious de-bureaucratization initiative. Everything Anderson says  
259. It's ‘Independence Day‘ for organizational transformation that deserves the name  
In our consulting work with Red42, my colleague Silke Hermann and I deliver workshop sessions and qualifications to clients all the time. We also routinely accompany our clients' Beta transformations,  
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